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Now available in English Point of no return Wallenberg, the best-selling novel by Davide Amante.

A passionate, intense, fast-paced novel.
In an unexpected combination of eros and poetry, Point of no return Wallenberg is a passionate defence of life and a burning love affair between a Jewish girl and the man who will eventually save her, lived in a complicated and dramatic historical period. Robert and Mira share an intense physical passion and the thrust towards their dreams, the desire to escape from their time, the sense of living without limits.

The novel is based on the true story of Raoul Wallenberg, the man who saved the lives of thousands of Jewish citizens from Nazi crimes at his own life’s risk and then mysteriously disappeared at the end of World War II.

Point of no return Wallenberg is a genuine publishing event: released by a small, independent publisher, the novel by Davide Amante has had immediate success in Europe, also thanks to word of mouth from enthusiastic readers. These results convinced the publisher to soon release the first English translation of the novel, currently sold through Amazon.

“...breathlessness swept over as she sensed his presence behind her, that particular breed of untamed energy that she had always felt when she was with him and had never experienced since.”

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